changing digital marketing trends 2017

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing, however these five platforms are or still gaining market share & momentum in 2017 - Viral Videos, Live Videos, AR & VR, Apps for Data Visualization & Short Shelf Life Content

1. AR & VR Technology

The potential of augmented reality and virtual reality in business applications has never been more promising. After the gaming industry latched on to the new technology to enhance the user experience for gamers, developers have released apps that can help boost businesses. For instance, architects can make use of AR to give clients a virtual tour of what the finished product would be like. In digital marketing, businesses can exploit VR to help customers get a better picture of their vision more than any other type of messaging could.

2. Live Videos

Facebook Live and Snapchat Videos are just some of the platforms that can be exploited by digital marketers. Video content will dominate the scene in the next few years with Cisco predicting that 80% of consumer internet traffic by 2020 will be cornered by videos. Meanwhile, Facebook Live is growing 94% each year in the U.S. with eight billion views daily.

Facebook was embroiled in a scandal when its video platform was used to broadcast several violent attacks, which prompted founder Mark Zuckerberg to announce the hiring of 3,000 more people to police the platform of any offensive content.

3. Apps for Data Visualization

Applications like Data Hero, Tableau, Dygraphs, and have been helping digital marketers package big data for easy consumption not just for businesses but the consumers as well. This is not exactly a new trend. However, for this year, it's projected that businesses will make sure to exert more effort in using these tools to interpret the facts and figures at their disposal.

4. Viral Videos Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

Last year, Samsung was the big winner after three of its video ads went viral. By December 2016, they already had almost 500 million views total. Viral marketing will continue to be an effective tool for brand recall. Google's new updates, particularly on placing more importance on the social status for ranking, will really benefit businesses that invest in quality content. The downside is the short lifespan of viral video marketing. The trick is when to increase engagement, boost traffic, and convert them into income before interest wanes.

5. Content With Short Shelf Life

Businesses might dismiss expiring content as an effective means to build on the brand. After all, Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories only stay for about 24 hours before they are no longer seen again. Of course, this concept was copied from Snapchat, which has a similar feature. Digital marketers are basically exploiting the “fear of missing out,” which is human nature. Nobody likes to be the odd man out when everybody is talking about the latest video or when they grab the latest product, which is the reason why Kylie lip products sell like hotcakes even if they don't really offer anything new.

Companies & businesses that do not see the impact of digital marketing to improve their online presence & revenue are going to get left behind by the competition.

A report from, claims that the U.S. digital ad spending will increase to $118 billion in 2020 from just below $60 billion in 2015. That's an increase of double over just five years and the amount ona global scale is projected to grow to over $250 billion by 2018.



Google Lifts Ban For 300x250 Above-the-Fold Ads To Give More AdSense OptionsOn Tuesday Google modified its 300x250 concerning above-the-fold ads AdSense policy, which it said will be a benefit to advertisers & publishers for managing mobile websites. Head of Publisher Policy Communications for Google AdSense, John Brown’s blog posting explained that this change is to look for ways to help improve everyone’s mobile experience.

“After careful review, we've determined that when 300x250 ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way, the ads do not annoy, distract, or result in ad performance issues”

John was quick to mention that with the elimination this restriction advertisers & publishers

“must be vigilant to ensure that their mobile site layouts do not cause ads to push the page content below the fold in such a way that may lead to accidental clicks.”

More than just the 300x250 ad location, John specified that focusing on well-organized design and applicable content will ultimately boost mobile friendly user engagement.  John added

“In turn, this could lead to an increase in your mobile ad revenue in the long-term”



Last year ago Google+ was relaunched with emphasis on communities of common interests. Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+ has announced Google+ is adding 3 new requested updates, rolling out over the next few weeks.

"After more than Fifty updates through Android, iOS and web, more & more people have discovered vibrant exciting Communities & creating inspiring exciting Collections more now than ever before,"  "It Is in the same spirit that we’re thrilled to add three fresh requested updates, rolling out over the few weeks, to Google+." stated Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+.

Hiding lower quality commentsHiding lower quality comments
Making lower quality, and or spam comments, simply available upon clicking. These would include short comments such as "nice post" or "great work" which aren't engaging and may not be heart-felt. You can still see these types of comments by clicking or tapping on a View more comments button or link.

Show more of what matters mostShow more of what matters most
Google+ has been adjusted to make more use of screen size and display less white space so more posts can be viewed. Reduced white space lets users view more content, and particularly photos can be visible in the largest layouts possible. A new zoom feature has also been added for better photo viewing and usability.

Events Being Brought Back

“We are now bringing Events to the new Google+," exclaimed Danielle. "While there’s more to be done to improve the experience, beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+ web as you have in the past." Danielle adds that Events however will be unavailable for G Suite at launch of this feature.

With the new updates as stated, Google is turning off the classic Google+ on Jan 24.
"Just because we’re bidding farewell to classic Google+ doesn’t mean we’re done working on the new one.   We are listening & our goal is to make Google+ the best place to connect to the things you care about."

Read more details about the Google+ announcement here...

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