Google Adwords Campaign Groups & Performance Targets New FeaturesGoogle has announced today that their Adwords products new features related to campaign groups and performance targets, both intended to make it easier for you to forecast & track performance of your marketing campaigns.

Campaign Groups

These new campaign groups features permits you to group all of your Google ad campaigns with display , search, shopping, & YouTube into one campaign, making ad campaigns easier to track and improve. Google is foreseeing marketers using these groupings to keep track of marketing themes thru their network of ad opportunities.

Google gave an example of a speculative campaign called Holiday Launch demonstrating where you can simply link your YouTube advertising stats with your ecommerce and search data.

Performance Targets

The feature for performance targets improves on your capability within Adwords to set goals, track clicks & conversions by your campaign group. Linking performance targets with the new campaign groups feature allows you to set target clicks & conversions across Google's network marketing platforms.

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