We’ve seen many older things come back, and then some we wish had never come around in the first place becoming even more uncool with every return to the spot light. Using Retro & Vintage styles in designing is pretty popular in web and print designing. For impact retro designs, you need good typography & retro fonts.

Using Retro Fonts In Web Design

Retro & Vintage fonts have experienced this same decline and regrowth in their use and popularity, and many designs highlighting vintage typography has not aged well. Nevertheless, what was old and is now new again, throwback typography has made a bit of a comeback. We’re not seeing the same old tired fonts from back in someone’s day. What we are seeing now is bit of creativity & originality are reimagining what retro fonts can do and be visually. Rather then feeling like old hat and cliche, they bring new life into old-style retro fonts. Today we see traditional fonts being given a bit of cool and a up-to-date spin, while preserving readability.

Using Retro Fonts In Web Design

Bold typography and retro fonts can give acknowledgement to the past while still feeling present in the moment.

Using Retro Fonts In Web Design


Animation and Motion Graphics can really drive user emotion. Animation has evolved a lot since it was first introduced as a web design element on the internet. Animation has really picked up a lot of steam in web design in the last several years and does not appear to be disappearing any time soon. We see all sorts of new creative possibilities and growth with Animation and Motion Graphics all the time and it just keeps improving in web design all the time.

Animation has brought more than just a quick loop to web design and the internet since it was introduced many years ago, with animated gifs and Macromedia Flash. It has grown to really engage users with interactive design features and elements, bringing valuable information to your web traffic.

Animation and Motion Graphics can really spice up web design and a static web page. Eye-catching Animation and Motion graphic effects can breathe life and adds another dynamic into your Web Design and website.

Here is a list of Animation and Motion Graphics that are already dominating the medium or are new and well on their way to a monitor near you in 2021 and the next few years.

Pre-Loader Animation

This technique is used to entertain and keep users engaged while content is loading in a website. There are countless types of pre loaders that can be used to keep users from leaving while content is loading, such as animated progress bars, entertaining cartoon animation, shape-changing animations and skeleton screens, just to name a few.

Background Animation

Background Animation can be used to help with building your brand and can engage your users. Background Animation used in web design can help users and web traffic learn more about your company.

Logo Animation

Animation and Motion Graphics in Web Design Logo Animation

Logo animation has become very popular in the last couple of years and are one of the top animation web design trends today. Numerous visual animation effects can be added such as expanding logos, hiding and revealing logos, morphing logos, rotating logo, 3D logos, animated hard-drawn logo, etc. A company’s logo is one of the first things users see when entering a website.  Your Logo should represent your brand, business and company/corporate identity. It should be catchy and memorable, and highlight your brand image.

Collage and Mixed MediumsCollage, is a technique of art conception mainly used in visual arts. A collection of mixing mediums and different forms, creating something new. Collage from the French: coller, stick together or glue together pasting paper cut-outs onto numerous surfaces.

Collage, one of the main trends to overtake the digital realm, social media and graphic design this year, and also quickly caught on in web design. The collage trend has progressed into mixed media such as artistic textures like paint brush strokes, animated distorted text and collage images, different styles large and small font sizes that are generating some extremely unique results.