Intuitive Navigation
Intuitive navigation is defined basically as users knowing where to go to find the information they are looking for.

Intuitive website navigation is developed so website traffic is simply able to navigate through the website seamlessly, going from web page to web page finding the information they want. A lot goes into designing a website that can be easily navigated by the majority of your website. Making your website easy to navigate will also provide a much better chance of users returning to your website. Developing your website to be easily navigated starts with planning and design.

Most primary website navigation options are typically located in a horizontal menu bar along the top of the website. Secondary navigation options should be provided at the bottom of the website or.

Intuitive navigation is important because confusing navigation layouts will be a consequence of users leaving a page and or website rather than trying to figure it out. Main website links should be added to your secondary navigation. All links should be added to your primary navigation for access to the complete website and all of its webpages.