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Web Design - Engaging Rich Animations

Web Design - Engaging Rich Animations

Animation is being used more & more to improve website’s storytelling, making visiting websites using animation in there design a more engaging, interactive and entertaining experience for your users.

This in turn helps keep your website traffic, drives new web site traffic, keeps your bounce rate down ( especially if you have incentive for your users to click to other pages in your website), driving new website traffic to your website, & returning traffic.

Just a word of caution, animation should be used sparingly and should not just be stuck anywhere, as you do not want to distract your website users. You should also keep in mind whether it adds to your website’s theme and story. Animations can be thought of in terms of two groups:

There are many types of animation that can add value to your website and engage your website users, here are just a couple of common animations used in web design to engage users that can be used to great effect.


This in turn helps keep your website traffic, drives new web site traffic, keeps your bounce rate down

Preloading Animations, used to keep your website users engaged while a bigger animation is loading in the background

Slideshow and Gallery, an effective and subtle way to showcase products or services without distracting or overburdening your website users.

Mouse Over or Hover Animations, used in your website design can engage your website users and give a more spontaneous feel to a website as your website user’s mouse over images, links and other website content, giving your website users instant visual response.

Motion and Moving Animation, our eyes are naturally drawn to movement or motion, making animation the perfect tool for engaging your users.

Video, is a great tool for demonstrations, delivering your message, testimonials, web page background animation or just plain entertainment.  An interface should be given to the website user to control sound, stopping, playing or pausing the video.

Background Animation, should be used very causally it can be very distracting to your website traffic. A simple animated background can add visibility to your website.