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E.B. Web's Website Sitemap

Importance Of Sitemaps

An HTML sitemap is a web page on your website that provides clear navigation and easy access for all you’re website users to all the levels of your website, especially large websites (like the one provided below). It also helps search engine bots gain access to all the websites pages for easy indexing. A valuable tool for all you’re website traffic and SEO (search engine optimization).

XML sitemaps is a sitemap file that lists the web pages of your website letting Google and other search engines know where the website content is located to crawl your website for easy indexing. Googlebot & other search engine web crawlers read the XML file to intelligently crawl your site.

Your XML sitemap also can provide valued metadata related to all the content and pages of your website you list. The metadata is information about your website, webpage, and site content, such as how often the page is changed, when the page was last updated, the webpage importance relative to other URLs in your website.

Do you need a sitemap?

If your website pages are correctly linked web crawlers can generally determine most of your website. Although a sitemap can and most likely will increase the crawling of your website, especially if your site meets any of following criteria:

Your website is very large. Possibly resulting in Google web crawlers overlooking crawling some of your website fresh content or newly updated webpages. Your website has a very large archive of web content webpages that are isolated or not very well linked to each other. If your website pages don’t naturally connect to each other, a sitemap can ensure they are all listed so that Google will not overlook your webpages.

Your website is fairly new and does not have very many external links linking to it. Web crawlers such as Googlebot crawl the internet and web by following links from one webpage to another. Google may not discover your web content or webpages if nothing is linked to them.

Your website includes rich media content, is included in Google News or other Social Media, or uses other sitemaps compatible comments. Google can take additional material, descriptions or notes from sitemaps into account for searching and indexing where suitable.

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