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Parallax Scrolling Animation

Contemporary Web Design 2021 Trends and Design Aspects Part 1 Parallax Scrolling Animation

Some of the web design tendencies that may take the internet by storm for 2021.

Web design has changed in a very extensive way in the last several years. The Discipline of web design comes together through technology and creativity. These elements are some of the fastest developing businesses and trades in the universe. It is absolutely no wonder that new innovative web design techniques and trends are continuously developing. So, what here and what’s to come for the newest trends in web development and design?


best chance of being vast and emerging as the latest and greatest trends for modern web design

Here’s what we think! EB Web has the best chance of being vast and emerging as the latest and greatest trends for modern web design and development for 2021.

Though there always will be fixed characteristics of web design that that will not be going anywhere, namely the fastest loading periods, easy to understand user friendly navigation, data safekeeping and security, however fashions, whims and fads will continue to come and go. Keeping on top of the ever changing latest and greatest web design trends, innovations, styles and trends will ensure your website designs stand out in the ever-increasing internet network.

Parallax scrolling animation

Parallax scrolling effects have been with us in website design for quite a while now, and 2021 should be no different, I think we can expect to see more subtle, subtle and defiantly more creative creations to push the limits of what can be done with the parallax effects.

Though too much animation effect with anything can be negative to your web design, and could be damaging to your users with sight disorders since the impression of movement and depth can cause faintness, wooziness and can be disorientating.

Some guidelines to follow to ensure any parallax animation and effects are incorporated subtly without being negative or causing any of your users a harmful experience

  • Make sure parallax effects do not divert from the main message or significant information
  • Do not make it difficult for your users to complete what they have come to your website for
  • Like all animation and effects, it is much better to keep any parallax effects to a minimum
  • Try to minimize and keep parallax movement for each instance understated and smaller  
  • Containing any parallax effects to a small range of your website and the computer screen
  • Have it easy to move past any parallax effects or animation