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Website Usability Tips

Usability is making your website, navigation, content, loading times easy for your users to find information they are seeking asap with out problems getting in the way such as features not working, bad navigation or things taking forever to load.


Usability and functionality, define the success or the failure of a website

Usability and functionality, define the success or the failure of a website. Since the user of the website is the individual who clicks the mouse chooses everything, friendly user design has become the standard approach for successful & profit oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use something existing on a website, feature is not working, or your visitors are waiting for content to load, why have it exist at all.

Somethings to consider

  • Don’t make users think - A website should be self-explanatory
  • Design for simplicity - Design for simplicity instead of complexity
  • Include a Catchy Tagline - Your tagline should be a statement or motto that represents a company’s philosophy & mission, and also helps with Branding
  • Have a Site Search - A website site search is a very important element. When your visitors are looking for information they naturally look for a site search where they can enter their search term.
  • Use a Site Map - Increases website navigation and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Craft Scannable Website Pages - Usability tests confirm that the majority of visitors to your website do not read web pages, they scan them, looking for titles, lists, bold or emphasized text.