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SEO Content Writing Does Matter

As an SEO content writer, it is valuable to know about SEO content writing.

You can write the finest content copy that Google has ever seen, but you may not get your desired search traffic. Why not? Search results are tied up in how users interact with your website and reference your website. If your website is missing authority (not being viewed as the go-to expert on a content copy) that may and mostly will influence your search rank. If your website is on the newish side, that may also be the perpetrator. If your website has numerous keywords, or doesn't read as a human would, you may also find that your website is lower in search results.


you may not get your desired search traffic

What your website needs, along with expert SEO writing, is user interaction and to engage all your traffic referrals. Persons pointing to your website from somewhere else (ie Social Media, Directories, quality backlinks, etc…) such as Twitter or other authoritative sites linking and directing users with read more, etc...